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In Port Moresby

I am in Port Moresby and its been raining hard since I arrived
I have met up with the eight staff who were attacked they are emotionally shaken but ok, a white Australian lady was with them she was the one hit on the head and then beaten with a stick on her upper arm – have just been icing her haematoma and giving her a sling for her flight back to Australia today.
Tues and Wed I will work at Cheshire home with the children there
I leave on Thursday for Hong Kong back on Monday morning to Taunton,
I have interview in Barnstable on the Wed and in Shepton Mallet the following Tuesday, both are for team leader of community rehab teams to prevent admission to hospital and support those discharged early.
love Jane

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Last Blog from PNG


Hi this should be my last blog before coming home

I am back ‘home’ in Wewak, staying with Angie in my old house.

As well as packing, I’m finding plenty to do; as you see from the photo on, Saturday I went to ‘wom’ beach not only for some snorkelling on the coral reef, but took a neighbours child who has cerebral palsy for some hydrotherapy – which you see we all really enjoyed.
Today I went to see two elderly catholic sisters one with a broken artificial leg and the other with an old stroke and fractured hip

One real blessing is that I have been given permission to use the CBM car, which makes getting round to say good bye all so much easier

The end of this week Darren Ward from CBM New Zealand will arrive for a few days so that will be lovely seeing him again

I return via Hong Kong where I will meet up with Sharon who I was at All Nations with for 3 days then back to the UK for 20 June – for some serious job hunting

Thanks again for all your prayerful support during my time in Papua New Guinea, and please keep praying God will show me the next step in his good time

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Post script to Bible dedication

One quick post script on the bible dedication – I heard this morning that 3 men and one woman dedicated their lives to Jesus after the programme – reason for even more celebration.
May there be many more

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Bible dedication

The photos show a Bible dedication was near Kinantu in the PNG highlands – the culmination of 53 years of work.
It was an amazing privilege to be at such a celebration Drama showing first missionary coming to bring the gospel in 1958

1 Drama showing first missionary coming to bring the gospel in 1958


2 Men who had worked to translate the New Testament


3 Bringing in the Bibles4 Receiving God’s word in their 'heart' language for the first time


4 Receiving God’s word in their ‘heart’ language for the first time




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In the Highlands

I am loving being in the highlands at SIL place
I have got carol partial wait bearing – on her broken foot 6 weeks ago she had pin and plated.
Today trying out elbow rather than auxiliary crutches
I had a lovely time on a outreach to a village and found one 20 + yr old blind and neuro problems but could walk who was just sitting in the dark, showed parents how to guide her etc nice to feel useful

Lovely place up in the mountains green and cool

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Leaving PNG

I have now formally finished my contract with CBM, and will stay in PNG for one more month to clear my things and say my goodbyes.
Sadly the job with VSO in Papua New Guinea has been cut by the UK office as no funding, so when I leave I will not be returning to PNG.
Please pray as I seek God as to my next post – at present I think I will be back working in the NHS
Thank you again for all your support.
Love Jane

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having an amazing time here in Dunedin weather has been increadible and seeing some amazing wild life

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Happy Easter

I am safely in New Zealand, had 2 lovely sunny days which I made the most of by visiting Waikiki Island, and I caught up with Dr Jane and Stewart Monk who I was in Tanzania with.

Tomorrow I hope to meet up with Mary Metcalf – but have not been able to stay with them this time. Hostels are an adventure I arrived at one on Friday to be told I was being moved to another but not told where…..after an hour I was taken there, as we walked in someone ran out screaming fetch the police….not the best start but it is actually nice

Next week with CBM New Zealand doing meetings in Auckland, Taranga and then I will be left in Hamilton to look round on Good Friday before making my way back to Auckland on Easter Saturday, then on the Monday fly down to Christchurch to start my 2 week holiday, hopefully seeing albatross, fjords and meeting up with Marjorie a physio friend
Have a good Easter – He is risen

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Hi from Australia

Hi, I have had a lovely week in Australia with CBM here. Spoilt rotten but done some work giving talks on CBM’s work in PNG after eating a lovely meal each time.
This weekend I have met up with Alex and Pam Packet who had been in Hombolo, Tanzania just before I arrived 20 + years ago, and who met in Papua New Guinea….so we have had plenty to talk about, Alex is now an Anglican minister in Hastings here near Melbourne.
On Tuesday I head on to Auckland, New Zealand

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Safe in Australia

Hi, I am safe in Melbourne
I had a lovely tourist weekend, seeing Great Ocean Rd, and 12 apostles rocks -in the sunshine, then went horse riding – first time in 30 years!! I’ve seen lots of Australian animals, including the fairy penguin parade -delightful
Now am with CBM Australia for rest of week giving some fundraising talks.


Feeding the wildlife

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