Posted by: janeinpng | October 20, 2009

Wewak, week 2

Sunday I went to the centre English speaking Catholic Church – it was mission Sunday so appropriate, and sang lots of hymns I know, the service was similar to the Anglican, so ok.
I spent today opening a bank account – took most of day, but successful. And God protected me from a pick pocket who I stopped just in time. One lesson learnt for me!
I spent the rest of the day meeting people, asking questions and listening. I am slowly putting names to faces and sorting structures.
Pat Moon, the Physio from the highland area, arrives tomorrow so that will be nice, he leaves CBM in November, but is staying on in PNG as a volunteer till January, so that shows how he feels about the place.
My house is lovely, it’s a bungalow, with hot and cold running water, and a twin tub for washing – luxury- I usually do it by hand when out of UK. There is a nice house of girls opposite me who are really friendly and helpful. All the boxes I sent ahead with parcel force have arrived so that is great news and am all unpacked.
It’s certainly hot and has rained heavily every day so far – glad I have an umbrella!
This weekend, Friday and Saturday we have big planning meetings for our roles and visits next year – so your prayers will be appreciated.


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