Posted by: janeinpng | December 22, 2009

Happy Christmas

Hi Just wishing you all a really Happy Christmas
I have just had a lovely weekend staying with the New Tribes Mission folk, whose Sepik headquarters are in Wewak. Yesterday 70 people including children met for an early Christmas dinner – amazing, followed by the children performing a nativity complete with a real baby in the manger. It was so nice to be in such a lovely loving group.
I stayed overnight with Hope, in photo, who has been in the Sepik for over 25 years. New Tribes are into church planting, literacy and Bible translation with their appointed tribes.
Then this morning we had a lovely Sunday service with Carols and people sharing all God’s amazing blessings over last year in their remote settings. It was so uplifting to hear what these new local Christians are doing in their tribes, and be aware of some of their struggles, especially to do with domestic violence.
I return to my house on Monday, will have a few PNG families over for meals next week, and then have a quiet Christmas. Not that I mind now as I have a special weekend to look forward to.

Jane and Hope

Christmas party in PNG


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