Posted by: janeinpng | June 3, 2010

Safe in Alotau

I am in Alotau and am grateful as its not been good in Wewak, last weekend some drunk students cut down some palm trees and blocked our road, the villagers were furious and so ‘chopped 2 students’ and stopped anyone entering or leaving compound even on foot. Police involved compensation meetings, and some violence. So good to have been away

The week in Alotau, the eastern tip of PNG, is amazingly beautiful and safe. The time here has been really special, a lovely team who are really responsive. I saw lots of children with quite severe disabilities, and hopefully have given them some guidance as to how to help further. – photos later

Now I have moved to Sil where there is a family I met on language course, so am having 2 days leave – resting and bird watching, kingfishers, hornbills, eagles, cockatoos all seen in the garden.

Thursday I go to Port Moresby, Friday I visit the appliance workshop, Saturday hopefully to the botanical gardens.
Monday Dr Steve Mannion arrives and on Tuesday we fly up to Goroka – he is a UK surgeon sponsored by CBM to come and do surgery on children with neglected club feet, so will be an interesting if busy week (he was featured on the BBC super Dr series with Robert Winston a few years back.)
Back to Wewak on 14th.


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