Posted by: janeinpng | June 23, 2010

Back in Wewak

Sorry can’t get into yahoo this week, not sure why, so forgive me if I have not answered your e-mails – if important send to

I have had a good couple of weeks in Wewak, writing up reports of last visit and 6 month reports.
I have done 2 days out with the Wewak CBR team and during one visit finally I have seen the Sepik river- impressive flow, second only to the Amazon I believe (photo). It was nice to be now seeing improvement in a few of the clients I have seen several times now.
I have also spent three mornings working as a physio on wards in the local hospital – they are very short handed. It is the best run department I have seen in PNG, patients all know their exercises, and don’t have contractures….I was impressed. However today I had a very sad out patient a CP child who also has epilepsy now 13, able to stagger around but with a mental age of an infant. Sadly in the course of talking with the mother it turns out this 13 year old is repeatedly being abused by at least 2l men. This problem of abuse of people with disabilities, especially those with no speech, is so common here it is deeply disturbing.
I am travelling from 28 June- 28 July round 5 PNG islands, East and West New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville and Manus (for those of you with a map) to visit 5 Callan special education resource centres. Please do pray for safety and for stamina, and sensitivity to understand the issues each centre is facing and wisdom to help them address some of these issues. That’s an s.s.s.w. prayer!

At the Sepik River

Looking at buai the local beetle nut chewed with lime and pepper which makes teeth and spit bright red


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